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First Love Forever Romance Collection: 9 Historical Romances, Where First Loves are Rekindled

By Carrie Fancett Pagels, Cynthia Hickey, Martha Rogers, Susanne Dietze, Erica Vetsch, Lorna Seilstad, Marcia Gruver, Connie Stevens, Jennifer Uhlarik


Coming face to face with a lost love can be awkward when the heartstrings are still holding on to the “what ifs.” In settings from 1865 to 1910, nine couples are thrown back on the same path by life’s changes and challenges. Can love rekindle despite the separation of time and space?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes we get a glimpse into what God has planned for us, but its not His timing. He will fulfill His promises at the proper time.


Year Title Description
2019 Selah Award 2nd Place, Western Category (for Heartfelt Echoes by Jennifer Uhlarik)

Why the author wrote this book:

Set on Mackinac Island, Sadie Duvall's story is the sequel to My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island: Maude's Mooring, my RT Book Reviews Top Pick novel from July 2017. Set on Mackinac Island, and in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Sadie's story tells another side of the Gilded Age -- that of being a lower class woman with no means of support who must care for her siblings when her father goes missing. I wanted to show another aspect to the 1890s and I think Sadie's story tells that.


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