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The Genesis Tree (The Tethered World Chronicles) (Volume 3)

By Heather L. L. FitzGerald


She took down the Nephilim queen—but can she and her brother save the kingdom? Sadie Larcen may have defeated the traitorous Queen Estancia, but she’s quite happy to be home with her family. Unfortunately, their fiendish neighbor, Mr. Marshall, is still up to no good. He’s called a press conference with plans to introduce the world to a living, breathing Bigfoot. As a Sasquatch expert, Sadie’s mother Amy is coerced into lending her expertise to the spectacle. When Sadie and her brother Brady spy nefarious, uninvited guests at the gathering, they know there’s trouble brewing in the Tethered World. The two are driven into separate, dangerous exploits as they are thrust back into the schemes of the forces of darkness. Schemes that include using their autistic brother Brock as leverage to seize control of the Flaming Sword and the Tree of Life. The Gargoyles and Trolls have an ambition that extends beyond dominating these powerful elements. They’ve set their sights on the Topside realm—with or without the help of Mr. Marshall. Deception is rampant, the enemy is subtle, and love dares to tug at Sadie’s heart amid the turmoil below. Once again, she and Brady will cling to God's faithfulness as they fight for the people and creatures they care for, and against the enemies they fear. Will the cost be more than they can endure?

Book Takeaway:

God is in the details. He orchestrates all our lives perfectly. Even though we don't live in a realm filled with gnomes and dwarves, we can still trust Him when he plans a "plot twist" that leaves us reeling.

Why the author wrote this book:

The final book in The Tethered World Chronicles, The Genesis Tree is the culmination of the adventures in the previous two books, tying up loose ends and offering a lot of surprises. It's my desire to create characters and worlds that are like good friends--hard to say goodbye to because they've become so real to the reader.


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