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By Fay Lamb


Hope Astor is literally a starving artist, living off the good graces of her friends as she seeks help for the fatigue that has plagued her for over a month. Dr. Daniel Duvall is a noted oncological surgeon whose life hasn’t been the same since losing his sister in a car accident the year before.

When Hope receives her diagnosis, she understands that her carefree artist’s life has left her without any options to save her life, but her friends try to convince her otherwise. They convince Hope to seek treatment from the best doctor she knows. Trouble is, Hope is the reason Daniel’s sister is dead, and she doesn’t think saving her life is on his list of priorities.

Book Takeaway:

God is in the details

Why the author wrote this book:

Sometimes when we find God, things just seem to fall apart on us. Through the troubles we learn that the hope we had in the flesh is nothing compared to the hope we have in Christ.


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