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Deadly Infiltration (Agents in His Service, Book 2)

By W. Richard Lawrence


From the author of "Fatal Transaction"
In the 1980’s there were 8 Islamic terrorist attacks of note around the world, fewer than one a year.
In the 1990’s there were 31 attacks.
Between 2000 and 2010 that number grew to over 180.
In 2015 alone there were over 117 such attacks. More than twice a week somewhere in the world significant numbers of innocent people are dying at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Today the attacks have become so common, most of them don’t make the news. They have become an “everyday occurrence”. *
With each success, the terrorists are becoming smarter, bolder, and more powerful.
Deadly Infiltration, the second book in the “Agents in His Service” series, brings to life a story that is all too real.
Infiltrators inside our government are betraying undercover agents while helping sneak weapons of mass destruction across our borders. These terrorists are planning a highly sophisticated attack to kill millions and cripple America, threatening our national security and the fate of our nation.
To keep their work hidden, they are willing to murder anyone who gets in their way.
Sara, a brilliant computer expert working for the FBI, finds herself caught in the middle, and the choices she makes out of anger towards those who hurt her in the past make her the perfect scapegoat and tool to divert everyone's attention from the real threat. 
 Sara’s young faith in God is gravely tested when she is framed for the murder of an FBI agent, forcing her to go into hiding. Meanwhile, Sara’s fiancé Derry lives up to a promise he made to her, and gives up his future to save her and hopefully the country.
Deadly Infiltration is an exciting read that hits very close to home.

Book Takeaway:

The God side of this story is about forgiveness. Forgiving someone who has truly hurt you both physically and emotionally.


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