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Christmas at Stoney Creek: A Novel

By Martha Rogers


When newspaper reporter Tom Whiteman befriends a homeless man named Joe, Tom decides to bring him home to Stoney Creek, Texas. Joe begins to work odd jobs around town and make new friends, but contradictions in the man’s manner and speech cause Tom to believe there’s more to the old man than meets the eye.   As Tom and his childhood friend Faith Delmont set out to learn the truth about the old man with the kind, sad eyes, Christmas in Stoney Creek becomes one they will never forget as they discover that God’s love can turn tragedy and loss to triumph, and that true love comes to those who wait. 

Book Takeaway:

When adversity strikes, faith in God and a united effort to help one another leads to unexpected discoveries and blessings.

Why the author wrote this book:

To continue the saga of the Whiteman family from the Series, Homeward Journey


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