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Restoration Road

By Elise Phillips


Mallory Andrews didn’t want to return to her hometown. And she didn’t want to return to her Southern Baptist roots. She was fine, she kept telling herself, far from home and the God she’d lost faith in. But when her mother’s death calls her back she returns to Texas. And what was supposed to be a short trip quickly becomes a move home. As she becomes part of her father’s contracting business she finds that the small town has changed. And as she and her father heal from their loss she finds his faith in the Lord reigniting her own dormant faith.

When her old crush, Tres, hires them for a restoration project Mallory falls in love with the crumbling old house. And when feelings bloom between her and Tres, she finds herself on the road to a brand new, unexpected life filled with faith, sweet tea, and fresh paint.

Book Takeaway:

I hope that people will walk away from this book with a stronger understanding of the importance of forgiveness and the importance of trusting in the Lord.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because once upon a time I was an angry young woman who turned away from the Lord. When a chronic health condition suddenly raged out of control I was forced to walk away from the plans I'd made for my life. I spent a lot of years angry with God, blaming Him, wanting to know why He was punishing me with this illness. I wanted to write a story about finding faith again after a blow to your life shatters you. I wanted to, hopefully, help someone who might be in the same place I once was start their journey back to the Lord.


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