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Spring Into Love

By Mary Connealy, Ruth Logan Herne, Pam Hillman, Cara Lynn James


Beautiful historical romance novellas written just for you by some of today's best-selling and award-winning Christian authors! Sit back and relax while these four talented women whisk you back to simpler times in America's past... but with that simplicity came hard work and change, so curl up in your favorite spot and see what Mary, Ruthy, Pam and Cara have brought your way as you "Spring Into Love" with this new delightful Christian romance collection!

His Mail Order Family by Mary Connealy--A lonely young rancher orders a mail order bride and after the vows are spoken, she 'surprises' him with her three little brothers.

Silas Harden, Jr. is married to a woman he doesn't trust.
Meghan McCray acted in desperation and no amount of apologies are going to make Silas believe a word she says.

She's ashamed, but she was desperate.

Can love grow? Can two armed camps make peace and form a family?
Or should Silas just build himself another house and let his mail order family take over the one he's got?

“Second Chance at Love” by Ruth Logan Herne – When a bereft widow comes to Second Chance, South Dakota to help a neighbor’s friend, she never expects her work to include keeping an eye on Sol Eichas’s two small children. And when Sol’s motherless children arrive in Second Chance, accompanied by a mean-spirited aunt, the last thing he wants is to put his precious kids in the care of another pinch-faced woman. But when his babysitter takes ill, Sol’s in a predicament. He’s signed off on a number of wainwright jobs, he’s got a crop to get in on his claim, and the only person available to watch his beloved youngsters is Ann Hazel… and the last thing Ann wants to do is fall in love with another pair of sweet children.

Can Ann find her way back to trust and love, and Sol find his way to move forward for the sake of the children… and for a Second Chance at Love?

The Fabric of Love by Cara Lynn James — A young widow reduced to genteel poverty rents a room over the stable to the new owner of the town’s general store. Can Ella Baldwin resist the appeal of Clark Henderson and the opportunity to work in the fabric department of his store? Can she resist his kindness, generosity — and his romantic interest — when she’s vowed never to remarry or disgrace the family by working outside her home?

Love’s Silver Lining by Pam Hillman—A weary and bedraggled wagon train rolls into Silver Lining, KS only to find a ghost town. The party moves on, leaving a handful of emigrants behind. Can Maggie O’Toole and the others find their silver lining in the abandoned town? And can Maggie depend on cowboy Rafe Alonzo to stick around long enough to see them through the coming winter—and beyond—to love’s silver lining?


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