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Providence: Hannah's Journey

By Barbara M. Britton


When the prophet of Israel refuses to heal Hannah’s deformities, her father betrothes her to the only man bold enough to wed her—a priest three times her age with numerous children, some older than she. Hannah escapes Jerusalem to track down the prophet and find out why he humiliated her and what she needs to do to be healed. On her way to Mahanaim, she is captured by a band of raiders and forced to serve in the household of the commander of the Aramean army who is in need of healing himself. But when Hannah discovers her Hebrew escort, Gilead, has been captured and is being used as sword practice for the Aramean soldiers, Hannah must act fast to save herself and Gilead. But survival may mean finding the prophet of Israel and coaxing him to heal an enemy army commander.

Book Takeaway:

God is in control even in the chaos of life.


Year Title Description
2013 Four Seasons Romance Writing Contest Inspirational Category Winner

Why the author wrote this book:

I wondered what ever happened to the servant girl in the story of Naaman in II Kings 5 and how she was captured by the Arameans.


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