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Island Dreams

By Kimberly Rose Johnson


sland Dreams is a lovely story--perfect for summer reading! If you're a fan of sweet romance you'll enjoy Johnson's latest entry in the Wildflower B&B Romance series.
Kathleen Fuller Multi-published Author

Piper Hunt arrives on Wildflower Island to develop family property into an upscale resort knowing this may be her last chance to prove her worth to her father. With grandiose ideas, she soon finds herself at odds with adjoining property owner, Chase Grayson. As she begins to appreciate the simplicity of the island, she struggles to maintain balance between her father’s wishes, preserving the natural beauty of the island, and her attraction for Chase.

Chase Grayson values the peace and quiet of Wildflower Island. That serenity is threatened when Piper Hunt discloses her plans to develop an upscale resort that not only butts up to his property, but will turn the island into a busy tourist destination. In fighting her plans, he also finds himself fighting his attraction to her. If he doesn’t stop her plans for the resort, his life will be altered forever. If he succeeds, it means he will never see her again. Can he live with either choice?

Book Takeaway:

No matter how strong and independent we are, sometimes we need help.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the second book in Wildflower B&B Romance Series.


"I really enjoyed this book. The characters of Piper and Chase were great. It was fun to watch them move past being on opposite sides to working together. I wanted to keep reading and wasn't ready for"
- Susan on August 05, 2015

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