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Hidden Creek (Running Forward) (Volume 3)

By Lynn Hobbs


Two women, two men, fight the wages of sin. Who heals? Who follows God’s will? Four journeys, four friends; turn the page, let the story begin… Suspense builds as new faces emerge. Unexpected surprises, exciting twists and turns, and lessons learned make Susan’s world come alive. Through many struggles, does Susan’s faith prevail? Will this family ever bond together?

Book Takeaway:

Susan lives with God's will in her life, clearly able to face any situation, and succeeds as a Christian woman going forward with a new beginning.


Year Title Description
2015 Texas Association of Authors 1st place in Religious Fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted readers to relate to the modern family issues Susan encountered, and see God's hand on her decisions and reasoning for her actions and treatment of others.


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