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River Town (Running Forward) (Volume 2)

By Lynn Hobbs


A powerful faith and family saga continues: inspiring, suspenseful, action-packed. Susan Penleigh relocates to Texas in 2011 during the worst drought in history with terrifying wildfires, a new job at a high school, and many people to challenge her faith. From troubled teenagers to an arrogant boss, scripture helps a woman's journey through modern family issues. A compelling page turner that will enthrall both men and women! Book two of the Running Forward Series.

Book Takeaway:

I want the reader to feel comfortable facing any situation with prayer, knowing God is their strength, and letting others see Him in the way you daily live your life.


Year Title Description
2014 Texas Association of Authjors First Place in Religious Fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted the reader to experience what my main character encountered alone, in relocating to a new job in a new town with new people with many challenges.It shows reactions that I want the reader to understand is a Christian reaction to different situations by the way the characters respond.


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