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Rancher Under Fire (Love Inspired Suspense)

By Vickie McDonough


SABOTAGE AT ANGELFIRE RANCH Jackson Durant would go to any lengths to protect his young daughter and his ranch. He knows the puzzling incidents on his homestead are no accidents. Someone is after him…but who? And why? Reporter Mariah Reyes is determined to find out. She never expected her pursuit of a story on the reclusive rancher would endanger her life—nor that she'd fall for the cowboy. But when Jackson's daughter is kidnapped, she'll do anything to help save the little girl—even if it means becoming a target herself.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes God uses the person we least expect to bring about a good work in our lives.

Why the author wrote this book:

After writing many historical novels, I wanted to tackle a contemporary book. Jackson's story was begging to be told. He's a rancher who values his privacy, so I gave him a heroine with the power to most disrupt that quiet. I wanted readers to see that no matter how bad things are, God always has our back.


"Another great book by the author a pleasure to read! A modern-day inspirational suspense love story, it is interwoven with romance on just about every page. A great read for the romantic at heart."
- Shean on November 22, 2014

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