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Speak No Evil (Rustic Knoll Bible Camp)

By Mary L. Hamilton


Christian fiction for teens / tweens / middle grade. Taylor Dixon knew having his younger sister at camp would be a pain, but he never expected the pain to go so deep. At 15, Taylor dreams of getting his driver's license and driving race cars when he's older. His sister, Marissa, is the only one who believes in his dream, but her adventurous spirit keeps landing him in trouble. Consequently, Dad won't let him get his license and predicts Taylor is heading for the same jail cell as his once-favored older brother. Taylor returns to Rustic Knoll Bible Camp expecting softball, swimming and sermons. Then he finds a classic Mustang in the camp's garage and jumps at the owner's invitation to help restore it. But when Marissa falls for his snobbish cabin mate, the war of words and pranks escalates until it threatens both the car and his dreams for the future. Will Taylor fulfill Dad's prediction and end up in jail? Or will he finally learn the Truth found in the old car's engine?

Book Takeaway:

No matter what garbage resides in our hearts, God can clean us up and make us new if we put our trust in him.

Why the author wrote this book:

Taylor, the main character, was the bully in my first book, Hear No Evil. Several readers commented on how relevant he was to kids today. So I decided to find out what made him act the way he did. I enjoyed the challenge of taking a character who's not very likeable and making him sympathetic.


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