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Romancing the Widow

By Davalynn Spencer


Young widow Martha Stanton returns to her parents’ parsonage in Cañon City, bereft of love and deprived of hope. As dry and lifeless as the fossils she once collected during the city’s infamous “bone wars,” she resigns herself to a dull existence—until she crosses paths with an old flame and a darkly mysterious Colorado Ranger.

Haskell Jacobs is on a mission. And the flame-haired beauty in black who steps off the train isn’t what he’s looking for. Or is she? As drawn as he is to her fiery spirit, Haskell learns that she has connections to the horse thief he’s hunting. Entanglement with a preacher’s daughter is the last thing he needs—and the one thing he can’t avoid.

Book Takeaway:

Regardless of the circumstances, God has a plan in mind. It's never too late.


Year Title Description
2015 Will Rogers Medallion Award Gold medallion for inspirational Western fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

Romancing the Widow is book three of the Hutton family stories. Martha clings to hope, and Haskell is driven by evidence. Both points of view come together in the dedication scripture: Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


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