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Small-Town Billionaire (Love Inspired)

By Renee Andrews


An Unexpected Romance As the CEO of Brooks International, Ryan Brooks has money, power and a sought-after family name. But here on his sister's ranch in Claremont, Alabama, the billionaire only wants to be loved for who he really is. So when small-town shop owner Maribeth Walton ignores him and his valuable business advice, he's determined to figure out why. Problem is, Maribeth knows he's not sticking around and she won't let him get close. Or could it be she's keeping a secret—one that may hold the key to why she's so reluctant to admit she's falling for the billionaire?

Book Takeaway:

God's forgiveness is limitless.

Why the author wrote this book:

To show that secrets can make you miserable and cause you pain. Unearthing them hurts but heals. And true friends will forgive, as God will always forgive.


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