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Lakeside Sweethearts (Love Inspired)

By Lisa Jordan


From Friendship to Romance  Agnes Kingsley can hardly bear to walk past the house she lived in as a married woman. It's full of bad memories she's never shared—not even with her best friend, Ian James. But now Ian wants her help to restore that old home for a community project. Agnes knows it's for a good cause, but as their work brings them even closer together, she's afraid to trust—in herself or in the feelings she's secretly harbored for her childhood friend. Yet as they chip away at the house, walls come down around both their hearts…uncovering a foundation to last a lifetime.  

Book Takeaway:

He makes everything beautiful in His time.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to show we are not throwaways to God. He rescues us from the curbs of life, redeems us, and makes us beautiful.


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