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Shaken (Heart of a Warrior)

By Kariss Lynch


When her world is shaken, will her foundation survive? Idealistic and sheltered with a passion to change the world, Kaylan Richards leaves her comfortable life in Alabama to serve in poverty-stricken Haiti. Despite her inexperience and the opposition of a voodoo priest, Kaylan develops a love for the country and the Haitian people. But something deadly is about to strike. It is the worst earthquake the country has ever seen, and in its aftermath bodies, buildings, and broken lives litter the streets. People she cares about are dead, and Kaylan is caught in the middle of the destruction, questioning a God who said He was good. Navy SEAL Nick Carmichael never planned to find a girl he loved more than his country. Now she is a world away, trapped in a deadly situation nothing could have prepared her for. Can Nick’s love help Kaylan heal and show her the God who never abandoned her, or will tragedy shake even the most rooted faith?

Book Takeaway:

God is good not because of but in spite of our circumstances and relationships with those around us can help change our hearts.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to capture the heart of a young adult to change the world, show what a godly relationship looks like, show the hope found in Christ, shed light on the devastation and healing in Haiti, and the struggle of falling in love with a man in the special forces.


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