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Straight to My Heart

By Davalynn Spencer


Columbines, cougars, and a controlling cowboy are not what Livvy Hartman expects when she moves to the Bar-HB to care for her widowed grandfather. The infuriating foreman was her childhood nemesis, and now he’s trying to tell her what a woman can and cannot do on a cattle spread. She’ll show him—and she does—until he shows her how much he cares.

As foreman of the Bar-HB, Whit Hutton always gets his way—except where his boss’s granddaughter is concerned. Once the victim of his childhood pranks, Livvy has grown into a feisty beauty, distracting him from keeping his crew out of the railroad feud over a narrow, mountain right-of-way. Now he’s feuding with his own heart over what to do about her. He can’t keep her from joining the roundup any more than he can keep her out of his thoughts. Livvy might stay mad at him forever, but when he rescues her from a stalking predator, he realizes what he’d lose if he lost her.

Book Takeaway:

Trusting the Lord with one's earthly future, dreams and all, can sometimes be harder than trusting Him for salvation.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book continues the story of Annie and Caleb Hutton, begun in the first book of The Canon City Chronicles series, Loving the Horseman. Straight to My Heart focuses on Annie and Caleb's son, Whit, and addresses the ways children can be so much like their parents - and so unlike them at the same time.


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