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Hear No Evil

By Mary L. Hamilton


Memories are made at summer camp, but not all of them are fun and games.

Brady McCaul dreads summer camp where he doesn't know a soul. But nothing prepares him for the bombshell his mom drops on the way to his cabin. Surrounded by hundreds of other campers, he's never felt more alone.

With a blind cabin mate and a spunky girl friend as allies, Brady struggles through Rustic Knoll's summer version of PE class as well as the taunts and teasing of the camp bully. But a betrayal, a disturbing phone call home and a daring nighttime escape across a stormy lake provide Brady with the ultimate challenge of uncovering the truth. Because the truth isn't always what it seems.

Book Takeaway:

No matter what happens, God knows you, and He cares about every detail of your life.


Year Title Description
2013 Third Place - Unpublished Author Middle Grade Books Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference (BRMCWC), under the title "Sticks and Stones"
2012 Semi-Finalist - ACFW Genesis ACFW Genesis Contest, under the title "Sticks and Stones"
2011 Second Place - Young Adult and Middle Grade Books Category Five Writing Contest, under the title "Sticks and Stones"

Why the author wrote this book:

I grew up at a youth camp and believe camp can be a powerful force in a young teen's spiritual development. So many young people feel alone and uncared for, and I wanted to show them the truth.


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