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Billionaire Sheriff on the Move

By Bonita Y. McCoy


Bernadette has known Wade for years. Shoot, he even saved her life, once. So, when Wade moves back to town and wants more than just a simple friendship, Bernadette must face a new decision and an old fear.
Can she overcome her past and open her heart to a new kind of love?

Wade Thibodeaux learned the hard way that being a billionaire isn’t all fun and games. That’s why he joined the FBI in the first place, to get away from the Harris name and all the expectations that go with it. But when a surgeon digs a bullet from his chest, he decides it’s time to return home and put down some much-needed roots.

Now, as sheriff, he’s chasing down a string of burglaries along with a hacker who has some mind-blowing skills and a pair of bedazzled shoes. But no matter how busy the job keeps him, every time he meets up with Bernadette, he knows coming home was the right choice.

Now, he just needs to convince her that with God at the center, their friendship could lead to so much more…
Bernadette Stewart has a secret, well, it’s sort of a secret. Her mother knows and her best friend knows and okay, half the town knows, but still, it’s her secret to tell Wade. But they’re just friends, right? At least that’s what she keeps telling herself even after she asks him out on a whim to escort her to her birthday bash. What had she been thinking?

Torn, she can’t decide what to do about Wade until a rash of break-ins pushes him to seek out her help. Now, the safety of someone she cares about depends on them working together.

Can she keep a check on her heart, or will their friendship turn into something more precious than a billionaire’s gold, a forever love?

Book Takeaway:

Both Bernadette and Wade rely on God to direct their relationship from one of friendship to one of love. The takeaway is that when we rely on God to direct our most important decisions, we can trust He has the best plan.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love a good sweet romance with all the feelings but not all the closed-door scenes. Plus, I like to add a little mystery and suspense just to make it fun.


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