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Celebrity Pastor

By Creston Mapes


His Heart Was Right . . . Until It Wasn’t

Pastor Neil Gentry embarked on his ministry with genuine intentions, unwavering passion, and undeniable charisma. He had a gift for drawing people in and teaching profound truths that resonated deeply with the masses. As his influence grew, so did his fame.

Vine & Branches Church became one of the fastest growing in the world, with campuses in Atlanta, LA, Austin, NYC, and a TV ministry spanning the globe. Soon, Pastor Gentry and his wife Becky resembled royalty, enjoying fame and power—and basking in the adoration of their devoted followers.

Beneath the glitz and glamor, however, whispers of misconduct began to surface.

Accusations ranging from coverup and manipulation to corruption and sexual harassment cast a shadow over the once-glowing reputation of Vine & Branches. Was Pastor Gentry leading his flock above reproach, or was he using them to fuel his own ambitions? Could the rumors of emotional manipulation and abuse of power within the church’s inner circle possibly be true?

As the allure of popularity and power consume the Gentrys, they find themselves plummeting into the abyss of moral compromise. With the weight of their actions threatening to shatter everything they’ve built, one dire question remains: can anything or anyone break the spell before the unthinkable happens? Find out in the latest tension-filled thriller from acclaimed suspense novelist Creston Mapes.

Book Takeaway:

- Why do we serve at church? For me, a long time ago, I was serving the pastor instead of serving God. And ultimately that pastor let me down. We tried to stay but couldn’t. That church had been our life for 8 years. All the sudden, we were drifting on a raft in the ocean with no friends, past 8 years down the drain. Thank God it happened, because now, many years later, my walk is vertical, with Jesus, no man.

Why the author wrote this book:

- I watched a documentary about a hugely popular pastor who had an affair….what it did to his family and his church. It got me curious. I began watching more shows and doing more research about powerful pastors who have had affairs and lived incredibly wealthy lifestyles….who’ve done things that are absolutely unacceptable for people in those positions.
And….I decided to write this story about one such man, his marriage, his family, the inner circle of the church, and the devastation caused by his actions.


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