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Love's True Home

By Lori DeJong


Allyson Kincaid needs roots. Born and raised on the foreign mission field, all she wants is home and hearth on American soil. Finally past the break-up with the man she’d thought was the love of her life, she’s ready to put herself back out there. Too bad the first guy who’s made her pulse skip in nearly two years dreams of a life spent in foreign missions. She’s already lost so much to the mission field, and, although she supports him in his calling, knows his choice means she’ll be laying even more broken dreams, and a newly shattered heart, at the feet of Jesus.

When Zane Carpenter relocates to Arlington, Texas, his seventh move in thirteen years, his only thought is to meet his obligation with Becker Ministries in a few months then take a foreign mission assignment, his dream for the past several years. But working so closely with Ally in student ministry has him feeling things he’s never experienced. He’s ready for a future with her, until he accepts an opportunity to work on foreign soil and Ally stays behind. He knows God put him at the mission for a reason, although his heart still longs for the girl back home.

Book Takeaway:

That God can take our goals and dreams and do more with them than we could ever imagine, if we're willing to follow Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

In "Love's True Calling", the first in the series, one-time missionary kid Ally is left with a bit of a broken heart. I wanted to give her her own happily ever after, with a man who could help her achieve her dreams. But while Ally dreams of settling down and growing roots on American soil, Zane, the new man who sweeps her off her feet, dreams of life on the foreign mission field. I wanted to show how two people with respectable, spiritually fulfilling but opposing goals learn to trust God with the future.


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