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Love Or Lies

By Craig Hastings


When El’s prestigious position in the company she helped to build is eliminated, she loses both her boyfriend and her place to live. Facing an uncertain future, she agrees to return home to settle her deceased aunt’s estate. But her trip down memory lane comes with a few surprises.

Her high school sweetheart turned pastor is officiating the funeral. Her antisocial aunt regularly hosted a rowdy church youth group. And mysteries hide not just in several letters stashed away in a safe deposit box but also in the very pages of her aunt’s novels.

As the secrets and lies unravel, El must confront the ghosts of her past relationships, the distance between her and God, and the truth about real love. But will she give any type of love a chance?

In Love or Lies, El takes an emotional journey of self-discovery and faith to make sense of her past and look beyond the lies she’s been told. This touching Christian Romance explores what it means to rediscover a connection with God and to unlock the true power of love.

Book Takeaway:

Even though you might feel you are far from God, if you'll only turn around, you'll find He never left you.

Why the author wrote this book:

During my life I've met many who were raised in Christian homes but as they grew into adulthood they found they had let the world and success become their priorities and unknowingly, or knowingly, put God second in their life. In the story of El I want to show there is always a path back to putting God first. He is waiting for you.


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