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Birds Alive! An Empty-nesters Cozy Mystery

By Jennifer Dodrill


Peg -- widow, mom blogger, and empty nester, is desperate for a new hobby. After a late-night blog post leaves her dedicated Mamma Birds followers fearful that she’s closing her blog, she adopts a reader’s suggestion and forms the Empty Nesters Birding Group. On their first outing overlooking beautiful Pensacola Bay, a birder dies from an allergic reaction to peanuts in the birdseed. Seed that should be peanut-free.

A hurricane barrels toward the Gulf Coast, and Peg’s overbearing, animal-collecting, but well-meaning mother-in-law crashes Peg’s empty nest. After the hurricane passes, Peg checks on her new birder friends and finds one wounded and dying. The assailant is still there and knocks Peg down a steep staircase. Stuck in a boot with a broken foot and still reeling from the two murders, Peg recruits a fellow birder and her mother-in-law to help solve the crime. She even teams up with the detective investigating the case, whose dimples draw her in a way she hasn’t experienced in years

Book Takeaway:

Near the beginning of the book, one character tells the MC - when you have a problem, you come up with something to do.
I think that's true for many of us. And maybe what we need to do is deal with the problem plus finding healthy outlets.

Why the author wrote this book:

I am an empty nester! I loved the idea of my MC having this issue, starting her own group to find friends, and then multiple other problems happen.


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