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Sandra Ardoin

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As an author of heartwarming historical and contemporary romance, Sandra Ardoin engages readers with page-turning stories of love and faith. Rarely out of reach of a book, she's also an armchair sports enthusiast, country music listener, and seldom says no to eating out.

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Renee Burnette, a widow living in the North Carolina mountains, has longed for two things she never had growing up—a permanent home and a lasting friendship like the one she has with Val from her cooking club. In the summer of 1986, the local apple growers sponsor a bake-off with a monetary prize…

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A Reluctant Melody

Romance. Secrets. Second Chances. Kit Barnes’ drinking ruined more lives than his own. Now sober, he wants to make amends by opening a mission for drunkards. The most suitable location belongs to Joanna Cranston Stewart, a love from his sordid past and the person he hurt the most. A pariah among her…

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A Horseman's Mission

She seeks healing for her son. Macie Newman believes time and tranquility—not a psychologist—will heal her traumatized son, Alex. After she moves them to the small town of Hidden Veil, she discovers the noble but disturbing plans that her new boss, Lane Becker, has for his ranch. Fearing for her…

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The Yuletide Angel

Who is the mysterious Yuletide Angel? In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Violet Madison ventures out at night to leave packages at the houses of the poor. When her brother announces his upcoming marriage, Violet realizes she'll soon lose her role as mistress of her childhood home. Worse, without…

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A Musician's Heart

She’s the woman of his dreams. After the breakup of his band, country music performer Kyle Callahan retreats to tiny Hidden Veil to write songs and explore his career options. But his creative well has run dry and he considers his worthiest option as a pathway to failure. When he discovers the local…

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Lost in Winter's Wonderland

Sometimes getting lost takes you right where you belong. Seeking a peaceful week before the annual Callahan Christmas migration, Kelsey Callahan retreats to her mountain cabin in Tennessee. When a snowstorm dumps a lost love on her doorstep, Kelsey must choose between trusting in Justin’s appeal for…

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Leaving the Past Behind

A broken marriage. Two grieving orphans. Sudden parenthood could change everything. The joy Danni Barnett found in her job as a travel writer and photographer faded around the same time her husband walked out on her. When her late sister-in-law’s will brings the couple together to care for her children,…

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Love in Second Bloom

She's searching for direction. He's trying to change his. Are they beyond renewing the dream of a future they once believed in? At a crossroads in her career, Erin Ward works as a groundskeeper in a small town filled with precious, romantic memories. With Shaun Hadley’s surprise arrival, Erin dreams…

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Rekindling Trust

Abandonment. Betrayal. Injustice. Two broken hearts given a second chance to mend. Widow Edythe Westin yearns for a peaceful home and independence from her controlling father. The goal seems within reach until her rebellious young son is suspected of arson and assault. With nowhere else to turn, she…

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Enduring Dreams

Loving her might be a blueprint for disaster. Claire Kingsley once dared to assert herself into the male world of 1890s architecture. It cost her husband both his life and an heir. Now fear controls her choices and her dreams. When offered a chance to create another design, she fights against the pull,…

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Unwrapping Hope

Phoebe Crain, an accomplished pianist, lives in near poverty to protect her five-year-old daughter from scandal. When Phoebe receives a handcrafted cigar box by mistake, her desperation to give the child something special for Christmas drives her to suggest a trade with Spence Newland, a man she views…

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A Love Most Worthy

She didn’t know which was colder, an Arctic winter or her new husband’s heart. Hallie Russell believes life should be lived to the fullest. For that reason, she sails to the gold rush town of Nome, Alaska to take her cousin’s place as the mail-order bride of a respected shopkeeper. But when her…

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