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Ruth Trippy

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Ruth Trippy was born in western Michigan to a Dutch family with values similar to the Victorian era she loves. She left home to teach high school language arts in Florida, focusing on American and British literature, and also pursued her interest in apologetics. In addition, she worked as Public Service Director for a radio station in Ft. Lauderdale.

Her writing originated from experiences in her marriage. Her husband was a tough, adventurous Louis L'Amour type individual and needing encouragement in the relationship, she found it in the pages of a 19th century romance novel. Identifying with the characters helped her focus on the roses rather than the thorns in her marriage and inspired her to pick up her pen to help others. Romance fiction, she believes, can bring both encouragement and, just as importantly, be a metaphor for the love between Christ and His bride the church.

Ruth and her husband live near Atlanta and have two grown children.

Books by Author

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The Soul of the Rose

"And the soul of the rose went into my blood..." This line from a Tennyson poem enchants young Celia Thatcher, who supposes every woman's heart hopes to be the rose that captivates a man. Celia is searching for her own sense of hope after the tragic death of her closest friend. Moving in 1876…

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