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Lisa Harris

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LISA HARRIS is a Christy Award finalist for Blood Ransom and Vendetta, Christy Award winner for Dangerous Passage, and the winner of the Best Inspirational Suspense Novel for 2011 (Blood Covenant) and 2015 (Vendetta) from Romantic Times. She has over thirty novels and novella collections in print. She and her family have spent almost fifteen years working as missionaries in Africa.

When she's not working she loves hanging out with her family, cooking different ethnic dishes, photography, and heading into the African bush on safari. For more information about her books and life in Africa visit her website at

Books by Author

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Vanishing Point

During Garrett Addison's first week on the job as a criminal investigator for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, his team is called out to a murder scene of a young girl. She's the third victim in a string of disappearances with one thing in common--a Polaroid photo of each victim left behind at…

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Ghost Heart

"Gripping, riveting, unnerving." A brutal murder convinces Dr. Mia Kendall there's more than she imagined to the mysterious spike in heart transplant rejections. Determined to find answers before she loses another patient, Mia gets sucked into a dangerous international medical web. With time…

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Nikki Boyd's flight into Nashville was routine--up until the crash landing at the airport. When the dust settles, Nikki discovers that the woman who had been seated next to her on the plane is missing--and no one will admit she was ever there. Erika Hamilton had been flying to Nashville with an air…

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Nikki Boyd isn't usually called in on homicides; her forte is missing persons. But when a case with two murdered and two missing pops up on a quiet suburban street, she's ready to start the investigation and find missing homeowners Mac and Lucy Hudson. When the first clues lead her to the boat of her…

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No one needs to push Nikki Boyd to excel on the Tennessee Missing Person Task Force. The case of her own missing sister, still unsolved after ten years, is the driving force in her work. When a Polaroid photo of a missing girl shows up at a crime scene, Nikki quickly recognizes similarities to the past.…

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Hidden Agenda

Michael Hunt is alive--and on the run. Presumed dead by friends and family, the undercover assignment he's been working for the past eight months has just been blown. With a hit out on his life and corruption inside the Atlanta police department, Michael finds himself hunted by both the cartel and the…

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Fatal Exchange

Emily Hunt might come from a family of cops, but she never goes looking for an adrenaline rush. She lives the quiet--well, relatively quiet--life of a teacher and thrives on making a difference in the lives of her students. But she'll have to draw on a well of strength and savvy she didn't know she…

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The New England Romance Collection: Five Inspiring Love Stories from the Historic Northeast

New England is not just colorful in autumn but throughout the history of its states—including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Through the trials and triumphs of the early years of American history, to the turbulent 1930s, enjoy five stories laced with history,…

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Stolen Identity (Love Inspired Suspense)

Danielle Corbit doesn't understand why someone would want to steal her identity. A single mother running a small business--nothing special right? But after discovering a dead body on the Oregon coastline she's attacked by a dangerous hacker who will stop at nothing to frame her. Only her former fiance,…

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Blood Ransom

Deep in the heart of Africa, two American lives are about to change forever. Natalie Sinclair and Dr. Chad Talcott want to make a difference in under-developed African villages … but they didn’t count on risking their lives in the process. Romance and adventure drive this powerful thriller about…

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Blood Covenant

Paige Ryan and Nick Gilbert are trapped in an overpopulated African refugee camp where an outbreak of measles erupts and renegade soldiers block their only way out. Desperate for vaccines, they must put their own lives in the hands of God as they fight for the safety of the refugees under their protection.

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Colorado Crimes

Laugh and cry along with Chef Pricilla Crumb as the guest list at her son’s Colorado mountain hunting lodge quickly turns into a suspect list for murder. Then Pricilla’s favorite baker ends up dead with Pricilla caught in a sticky scandal. Finally one of Pricilla’s former culinary students is…

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Final Deposit

When Lindsey Taylor's elderly father loses his life savings through an e-mail scam, she turns to financial security expert Kyle Walker for help. Will Kyle's vendetta against the Internet scheme that cost him his brother's life hinder his commitment to Lindsey? And how much danger are they in as they…

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Massachusetts Brides

Old-fashioned romance in New England! When Michaela is torn between two very different men, will she decide on one, only to lose the other? As Rebecca escapes serious trouble and settles into her new job, will she allow Luke to lure her heart? And can Adam overcome his prejudice when he falls for Lydia?

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Montana Mistletoe

Four girlfriends make a pact to find true love by their twenty-eighth Christmas. As the deadline looms, each keeps busy with expanding career and experiences faltering Christmas spirit. Lori is a major struggling to bolster the small town's economy, Madison runs a Christmas store and often travels to…

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Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio

At 27, twice-jilted Catherine Morgan is hardly an old maid. But bound by a promise, she's determined to care for her siblings. Only Sheriff Corbin Hunter stands in her way. He's convinced that her sister's fiance is a notorious bank robber. Can she save her sister's heart without losing hers to Corbin---who…

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Cranberry Hearts

Hearts Are on the Line in Three Suspenseful Romances Three modern women’s lives have been turned upside down. But going home to the Boston area leads them to encounter both love and danger. Leiann Hambrick is called home to meet the grandfather she never knew, but Gerome Mays suspects her of stealing…

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Wild Prairie Roses

Lost Gold Leads to a Treasure Trove of Romance In the decade following the Civil War, rumors of gold lost near Browning City, Iowa, lead three couples on quests for treasure. Constance Miller’s father’s dying request sends her on a manhunt. Once in Iowa, local blacksmith Hans Van de Kieft shadows…

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