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Sherri Wilson Johnson

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Sherri Wilson Johnson is an Inspirational Romance novelist, graphic designer and lover of all things book related. She’s always been a sucker for a good love story—whether it’s real life or fiction (both historical and contemporary). Completing her first novel at the age of eighteen, and later burning the only copy in the fireplace, she continued learning the craft of writing and now writes Contemporary Romantic Suspense and Historical Romance with a splash of suspense and/or mystery. When not writing, she’s usually assisting other publishing professionals or helping authors realize their dreams of becoming published. Sherri and her husband are empty-nesters and live in Georgia with their two dogs. She loves spending time with family, vacationing at the beach, curling up with a good book or working on her current work-in-progress. She dreams of a second home on some beach somewhere some day, where she can plot and write romantically suspenseful novels.

Books by Author

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A Season at the Grand

Can the perfect picture reveal the truth before it's too late? Photographer Amelia Harris has had enough of her aunts' meddling matchmaking. So when The Photographic Times commissions her to spend the summer on Mobile Bay taking portraits of the elite and capturing nature for penny postcards, Amelia…

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Deadly Diversion

Lies. Secrets. And a chance to start over. While running from her past, Cora Buchanan becomes stranded in a small Georgia town and seeks refuge at the Southern Hope Ranch. There she finds herself in the middle of an abductor-turned-killer's game. Rancher Rex O'Reilly, the rugged widower who only wants…

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Endangered Refuge

He wants to protect her. She wants to protect him. A powerful man with dark secrets may kill them both. Undercover U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agent Dallas Heath has infiltrated one of the largest big cat illegal trading rings in the States. Now he must unearth vital evidence to bring down kingpin…

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Unfortunate Homecoming

Renovating the old family home and living on the quiet Magnolia River in Magnolia Springs, Alabama sounded perfect to Shaun Bartley. But when trespassing treasure hunters threaten not only his life but his ex-wife’s life too, will he fight for what is his or forfeit the fortune in order to save their…

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Dangerous Inheritance

Naomi Summers may never live to see her dreams come true. After psychologist Naomi Summers becomes legal guardian of her murdered best friend’s daughter and estate, her dreams for a restorative retreat seem achievable. But someone has other plans for her. When her former boyfriend, Detective Max Lexington,…

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Desolate Escape

It was just a weekend reunion among old friends. How did it turn so deadly? Dr. Lacey Elrod is the first-ever medical examiner for her hometown, a place that should be safe from serial killers. But when someone murders one of her high school best friends on the morning of the wedding of two other friends,…

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The Erie Canal Brides Collection: 7 Romances Develop Along Manmade Waterways of New York and Ohio

Completed in 1825, the Erie Canal connected the Great Lakes to the Hudson River, and soon other states like Ohio created canals linking Lake Erie to the Ohio River. Suddenly the Midwest was open to migration, the harvesting of resources, and even tourism. Join seven couples who live through the rise…

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Grafted into Deceit

Disappearing business funds and a missing dead body have Marina Acres doubting everyone — including the detective whose case can't be solved without her help. When Marina Acres launches an investigation to find her company's missing money, she becomes a killer's target and uncovers a tangled vine…

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Secrets Among the Cedars (Intertwined) (Volume 2)

Some secrets are better left buried…or are they? Kathryn Bellamy is the Assistant D.A. for Perkins County, Georgia. After detectives fail to retrieve a missing murder weapon, she travels to Cedar Key, Florida to find it herself. She finds more than she ever bargained for when she meets Phil Tagliaferro,…

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Song of the Meadowlark

Shamed by the uncovered truth about her missing husband's secret life, Cora Buchanan sets out on a road trip for home to mend her broken relationship with her parents. When her car breaks down, she's stranded in a small Georgia town. While staying at the struggling Southern Hope Ranch, she meets little…

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When Love Must Wait (Hope of the South) (Volume 3)

Will a marriage of convenience quiet God’s call or will a former love interest’s homecoming only revive it? Annabelle's heart is as drought-stricken as the creek beds of Marietta, Georgia. After a devastating loss, she turns her back on missions work and forges ahead to a marriage of convenience.…

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To Dance Once More

April 1886 - Debutante Lydia Jane Barrington lives a carefree, protected existence on Live Oaks Plantation in Florida. But while her sisters happily learn the traditional tasks of women and talk of courting, Lydia dreams of adventure and independence. Even her friendship with handsome Hamilton Scarbrough…

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To Laugh Once More (Hope of the South) (Volume 2)

To Laugh Once More is a Victorian Inspirational Romance set in Florida and Georgia in 1895. If you like Southern women's fiction, you'll love this one. There's a splash of plantation life and city life in places like Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia, when they were at the height of their post-War growth.If…

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