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Lisa Jordan

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Married 23 years to her real-life hero, Lisa Jordan knows a thing or two about romance. She and her husband are facing a new season in their lives--empty nest syndrome. She is a contemporary romance author for Love Inspired. Lakeside Reunion debuted in November 2011. Her second novel, Lakeside Family, will be released in August 2012. During her free time (ha!), Lisa enjoys good books, romantic comedies, crafting with friends and feeding her NCIS addiction.

Books by Author

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Lakeside Sweethearts (Love Inspired)

From Friendship to Romance  Agnes Kingsley can hardly bear to walk past the house she lived in as a married woman. It's full of bad memories she's never shared—not even with her best friend, Ian James. But now Ian wants her help to restore that old home for a community project. Agnes knows it's…

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Lakeside Family

In the space of a minute, Nick Brennan learns he has a nine-year-old daughter—and that she desperately needs his help. All this time, his high school sweetheart, single mother Josie Peretti, thought he knew about their child. And that he just didn't care. About the ill little girl—or Josie, the…

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Lakeside Reunion (Love Inspired)

Bed-and-breakfast owner Lindsey Porter prays she won't run into Stephen Chase when she returns to Shelby Lake. Five years ago, the cop jilted her to marry another woman, and Lindsey fled town. But no sooner does she hit city limits than Stephen pulls her over for a broken taillight. Despite the past,…

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