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Gail Sattler

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Gail Sattler is the author of many inspirational romance novels. Gail thinks that even with a serious topic, there is always room for a smile or two, and you can have both when reading Gail's books. Gail's latest book, The Narrow Path takes the reader on a journey where traditional meets modern, and the solution is somewhere in the middle.
When she's not writing, Gail is a wife, mother, musician, and pet owner. You're invited to visit Gail's website at

Books by Author

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Mercury Rising

Michael wants to save his daughter, but first he’s got to save the world. Michael and Charlotte meet when Michael is trying to find Ashley, his missing daughter who has fallen into drug abuse, and Charlotte is searching for her son Jon, a brilliant and aspiring young scientist who has also gone missing.…

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Love in Mistletoe Springs

The Mistletoe Springs animal shelter loses their grant, endangering the lives of countless stray dogs, cats, even birds and turtles. The community attempts to save the shelter by running a Christmas in July fundraiser. Groups of volunteers scramble to get all the details together while managing their…

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Dating the Best Man (Heartsong Presents)

Could Cory Bellanger Be More Than a Friend? The tall, dark and handsome forest ranger has a way of making Daphne Carruthers feel safe. Her brother's buddy is also awakening feelings deeper than friendship. Daphne wants to believe in the future Cory's offering, but first she must come to terms with…

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8 Weddings and a Miracle Romance Collection: 9 Contemporary Romances Need a Little Divine Intervention

Weather the storms of life alongside nine modern couples who hope to make it to the altar—someday. Be it a meeting in the wrong place at the right time, an accident that opens hardened hearts, or weather that seems to blow things off course, sometimes love needs a little divine intervention. Penned…

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The Best Man's Secret (Heartsong Presents)

DAVE DUCHARME IS A MAN OF MYSTERY Dave's heart is captured from the moment he lays eyes on Ashley Kruger. Too bad it's while he's saving her from a bank robbery! When Ashley is injured, Dave promises to stay close. He's determined to take care of her—and to win her trust. Ashley can't believe she…

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The Path to Piney Meadows

Running from his frustrating life, Chad loses his way on Christmas Eve and soon stumbles on the remote town of Piney Meadows. Before long, he falls in love with the people of the Old Order Mennonite community, accepts a job, and settles into the area. He is touched by the good people and their strong…

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Take the Trophy and Run: A Bloomfield Novel

Like Mitford and Lake Wobegon before that, Bloomfield is a place we could all call home. Here, the residents enjoy a splash fountain in the town square, dine at the “Fancy Schmantsy” on tree-lined Main Street, and dream of reaching the 10,000 population mark -- only 22 more folks to go!The Bloomfield…

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Seattle Cinderella

Cinderella lives—except her name is Cindy and she resides in Seattle! Cindy is forced to run her late father’s muffler shop. Will her step-sisters’ shenanigans and Luke Princeton’s charms only make her life even more unbearable? Cindy’s step-sister Annie has reformed her ways. But how will…

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The Narrow Path

Can two people from different worlds find love somewhere in the middle? Miranda feels like she's been transported back to Little House on the Prairie. Ted's head spins when Miranda reads her bible on her red cell phone. Yet Miranda Klassen and Ted Wiebe must find a way to make peace in order to meet…

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A Big Apple Christmas

Enjoy a contemporary romance collection of four heartwarming novellas that capture the sights and sounds of Christmas in New York City. Christmas plans are set askew when a schedule-bound professional organizer meets a free-spirited poet. Holiday bustle is the means two tourists try to use to get lost…

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