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Laura Conaway

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Laura resides in Pennsylvania and creates stories with a healthy dose of suspense and happily ever afters while her characters discover triumph through tragedy. As a former librarian, she’s always searching for the next best read and loves solving mysteries like Nancy Drew. When she’s not inhaling sweet potato fries to motivate writing, Laura spends her time playing guitar and sharing about the Greatest Story written.

Books by Author

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Silencing the Witness

A protected witness is exposed… the race is on to keep her alive. When her photo is leaked in the local paper, Avery Sanford’s identity in witness protection is compromised. She's the key witness to a murder, and a ruthless drug ring will stop at nothing to silence her. With attackers on her tail,…

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Expired Vows

She sees the promise of freedom. He vowed to always be the hero. EMT Trace Bently came back to Last Chance County to escape his past. After the loss of his wife, he gave up a promising career as a police officer for the chance to save lives every day as part of the Fire Department. When a hostage situation…

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