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Christopher J. Mooney

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Christopher J. Mooney delivered analytics and insights for a Fortune 5 company for more than a quarter-century. As an intercollegiate debate champion, he researched and spoke on presidential power, energy policy, land use, and comprehensive medical care - topics which are still relevant today. Now, he writes about them for you!

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Testimony: The Fourteenth Codex

Betrayal. Reconciliation. Redemption. In 1945, ancient documents tied to the very beginnings of Christianity are unearthed in Naj Hammadi, Egypt. Theft, murder, and intrigue follow. Now, only a Coptic nun, Sister Sahira Rafiq, can translate the first-person testimonies of the earliest followers of Christ—Peter,…

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Letters of Understanding

Who destroyed thousands of letters which described a secret family history- and why?

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