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Donovan Peterkin

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Donovan Peterkin is a budding, new author who has just written his first novel, "The Cyrenian: Crossroads and a Cross". The book is due to be released on December 18, 2023. This work represents the fulfillment of his years long dream of becoming a published author.

A native of Jamaica and a Canadian and now naturalized US citizen, Donovan first became deeply interested in history, fiction and historical fiction as a child. His love for Bible stories also stems from his childhood, as his parents were people of deep faith who introduced their children to classic Biblical storybooks at a very young age. While in college in New York, a noted professor invited him to join his Honors English class, where Donovan showed a natural flair for expository writing, and prose. His passion for the same continues to this day.

In addition to his writing ability, Donovan is an acclaimed musician, composer and entertainer, with over 40 years of performances and world travel to his credit. He is as comfortable at a piano as he is at his writing desk, as the creative and the artistic are driving forces in his life. In his career, he has also earned acting credits both on stage and screen and loves both a great story, and great storytelling.

"The Cyrenian: Crossroads and a Cross" is the first of the series, so stay tuned for more inspired stories from Donovan Peterkin!

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The Cyrenian, Crossroads and a Cross

This is the riveting story of two men, on two different roads that converge in the most important moment in time for all mankind. Both are betrayed and hunted by the very same enemies and through events that could only be Divinely ordered, are destined to carry the very same Cross.

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