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Chevron Ross

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Chevron Ross is a pseudonym for a person who types novels inspired by God. Christian themes are at the heart of each work. Chevron's goal is to encourage readers to draw closer to God.

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The Samaritan's Patient

Teenager Paige Abernathy awakens after a severe beating to find that she suffers from amnesia, and that everyone seems to hate her. She has only flashes of memory until the night a grieving parent attacks her in her hospital room. Paige then remembers her role as creator of an online group where members…

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The Seven-Day Resurrection

Len Holder thinks his mother is dead – until she reappears one morning in his living room. She doesn’t remember being dead. She’s just confused. And instead of her burial clothes, she’s wearing a Dallas Cowboys warmup suit. At seventy-eight, Len considers himself a failure. He spent years taking…

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Weapons of Remorse

WINNER OF TWO INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING AWARDS! Hank Phillips makes his living defending the right to bear arms. Privately, he doesn’t want to touch a gun ever again. Hank is an ex-Marine whose heroism in war earned him the Medal of Honor and a high-profile job with America’s most powerful gun rights…

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