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Jody Stallings

Author Bio:

Jody is an award-winning writer and teacher from Charleston, South Carolina.

His honors include the Charleston County School District Teacher of the Year Award and the South Carolina Press Association First Place Award for Column Writing.

He writes the weekly column "Teacher to Parent" for the Charleston Post and Courier supplement, the Moultrie News. He is author of the novel White Lake and a collection of columns, Teacher to Parent​.

He is a teacher at General William Moultrie Middle School in Mt. Pleasant; director of the teacher advocacy organization, the Charleston Teacher Alliance; adjunct professor of English with the American Public University System; and director of Mt. Pleasant TBS, a local community Christian youth group.

​He is married with two children.

Books by Author

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Charleston Light: Stories Inspired by Sullivans Island Lighthouse

Tales of Light and Love A collection of faith-filled novellas all inspired by Charleston Light, the wonderfully awkward-looking lighthouse that sits on the shore of Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. The stories range from sweet romance to time travel to fantasy to a modern retelling of a beloved fairy…

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White Lake

The only escape from her persecution was through the secrets of his past. Halloween, 1973. A little girl goes missing. To get her back, young prosecutor Colby Borden must lose the trial against her abductor in a reverse-courtroom drama that challenges his ethics and wits. Who is the mysterious woman…

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