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Patricia Reece

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Patricia Fay Reece lives in Washington state, along the Columbia River. A native of Tennessee, she enjoys researching the past history of her ancestors and the times in which they lived. The historical novels she writes have been inspired by that.
Patricia has a love for history, people, and details. She especially enjoys history connected to her family’s genealogy. There is a hunger for exploring the lives of individual people she meets through intense interaction and thorough conversation.
The roots of her writing go way back in the hills and hollows of her youth, all moved along by the descriptive verbs of her father and the deep love and understanding of her mother. Along with experiences made possible by interaction with eight siblings and multiple cousins, Patricia’s confidence was gained by the exploration of the deep woods countryside they all called home.

Books by Author

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Rebecca's Anchor

Starlyn Craighead comes home to Starlight Virginia after fighting in the revolutionary war, where his cousin Andrew is wounded after they defeat the British at the battle of Cowpens. He must now fight a worthy opponent for the woman he loves. The men of their community, and the ‘Old Wagoner’, General…

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Liberty's Call

Thomas Craighead desires marriage with Sophrona Hackett of Baltimore Town. Her father, Peter, insists the ceremony be performed in his church. Thomas refuses. Peter intends to replace Thomas with a more suitable man. Their struggles are just beginning. Would they fight for a wedding if they knew happiness…

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