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Ronda Simpson

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Ronda Simpson grew up on a farm in Kansas and spent her childhood summers writing stories full of her own imagination, dreaming of being published one day. Ronda’s childhood “claim-to-fame” was a Christmas play she wrote in fifth grade which was presented to the students.
Many years later, Ronda is debuting her Inspirational Historical Fiction Romance novel, To Steal Maggie’s Heart, the first in a series, Bride Grooms for Garfield. Ronda is drawn to books and history about the gilded age, and especially those which bring glory to God.
Ronda was a corporate trainer for thirty years and cherished the experience. She is excited to make writing her next career and hopes to produce many inspirational novels for readers to enjoy.
Ronda now lives in a house near Table Rock Lake, which offers a breathtaking setting to be creative. The sunsets are beautiful, and the lake is tranquil, providing inspiration from the beauty God has provided.

Books by Author

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To Steal Maggie's Heart

Meet twenty-one-year-old Maggie Garfield, the quite capable owner of a large and profitable mail-order catalog company, Mando Merchandising, in 1898. She is dedicated to carrying on the legacy left by her deceased father, William, who founded Mando Merchandising and the town of Garfield. By design,…

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