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Jann Franklin

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Just a small town girl living her life on faith and coffee. I grew up in a small town but didn’t appreciate until my husband convinced to try it again in my 50’s. Now I can’t imagine my life any other way.

My first book series (Small Town Girl) is about small town life and the quirks and nuances that go with it. My second series (Small Town Girl Mysteries) takes place in that same small town but with different main characters. You’ll find my characters popping in and out of both series.

Books by Author

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Cheese Grits and Hissy Fits-Small Town Girl Book 3

The Town of Graisseville, Louisiana needs leadership, and Jen Guidry's ready to help! The village council has resigned. Who will take on a job paying twenty-five dollars a month? Can Jen's father-in-law forgive the people who turned their backs on his grandmother Evelyn Fontenot when she married Wade…

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Muffalettas and Murder--Small Town Girl Mysteries Book 1

Evangeline Delafose is finding Graisseville, Louisiana just as she remembered—boring and uneventful. Until her brother Nate asks her to help solve a murder. Follow Ev as she navigates clues, dead bodies, and quirky small-town residents to solve a mystery. And of course, show her little brother that…

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Shining Stars and Mason Jars-Small Town Girl Book 2

The Town of Graisseville, Louisiana is in crisis, and the mayor needs Jen Guidry’s help! Jen has finally embraced small town life with open arms, but now she’s facing new challenges that test her faith. She struggles to balance family and her desire to help, but her husband Mike prefers she leave…

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A Haunting of Revenge-Short Story Collection

Did you hear that? The creak in the stairs? Is it the escaped convict? Or is it a ghost? Snuggle in for these frightful tales from your favorite cozy mystery authors! Can these sleuths over come their fears, and solve the case?

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Trading Bright Lights For Lightning Bugs-Small Town Girl Book 1

As Jen Guidry begins the process of choosing a school for her kindergartener, she celebrates all the opportunities that big-city life offers. Unfortunately for Jen, her husband has other ideas. He's ready to ditch the big-city headaches and move back to his hometown with a population of only 298 people.…

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