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Karen Randau

Author Bio:

Karen Randau writes faced-paced, action-packed mystery, thriller, and suspense books where strong but damaged women fall for protective but damaged men. She lives with her multi-generational family in the mountains of Arizona.

Books by Author

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From Chaos

When Kelsey is forced to flee from her ex-husband's family with secrets she can't risk revealing, she finds herself in a situation more dangerous than ever before. With no one else to turn to, Kelsey and her friend Greg must outwit their pursuers or risk becoming victims themselves. From Chaos is the…

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Into the Fog

Love and danger spar in this thrilling romantic suspense Hands push Marie Jessica (“MJ”) Goodrich from a rural roadway into an icy creek. The clock is ticking for her pleading friend on the other side of the ravine. Running from flashbacks of a life-altering attack in Afghanistan, MJ takes refuge…

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Choir Loft Murder

Frankie Shep has endured too many tragedies in her life. When she finally dares to love again, a revengeful plot threatens to cancel her wedding plans and send her fiance to death row. But this feisty modern-day rancher won't stand for it. A member of the church choir dies from a blowgun dart to a vital…

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Survival Instinct

Frankie Shep’s secret has haunted her since the deaths of her husband and young son. Just when she thinks her life is back on track, tragedy strikes again. Her flight crashes on a lofty peak in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. She has no food, water, or shelter in arctic conditions. She…

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Mystery Bones Murders

A stalker terrorizing her land. When dead bodies link to her past, can she survive a plot to destroy her future? Frankie Shep holds a shameful secret close to her heart. Plagued by guilt over her husband and son’s deaths, the feisty modern-day rancher isolates herself with just her animals for companions.…

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