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Patricia Collier

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Patricia Collier is a native Georgian, having lived near Atlanta most of her life. Her parents instilled in her a love of reading.
Patricia developed an interest in history that led her to gather the personal accounts of medical corp personnel in World War II. "Healers in World War II" was published by McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, in 2001 [Patricia W. Sewell (Collier)]. Excerpts from her book were used in the series THE COLOR OF WAR on the History Channel in the episode "The Price of War."

Georgia history as it related to the American Revolution inspired her to write "The Reluctant Wife," the first book in the HORNET'S NEST series. Although this book is fiction, she hopes that readers will gain insight into what these early Americans sacrificed for freedom. Many of these veterans experienced the same trauma as our veterans today. The American prisoners-of-war returned with nightmarish memories.

The Hornet’s Nest series
"The Reluctant Wife" video:

“High Plains Reunion” is the first book in the HIGH PLAINS series. The descendants of the characters in the HORNET’S NEST series move west, discovering life at its most dangerous and adventurous.
HIGH PLAINS REUNION: Her husband is in Wyoming Territory, but her heart is in Tennessee. Join their adventure!

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High Plains Bargain

Martie assumes that she will inherit the ranch, but the will changes everything. She channels her anger and grief into hating the new owner. Clay Thomas is shocked to discover that John Evans willed the ranch to him. John’s red haired daughter has a temper to match.

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High Plains Reunion

Owen Matthews thought he was a widower until he discovers that his late wife is very much alive in Tennessee. If that isn’t enough of a shock, he is also a father. Ginny Matthews didn’t know if Owen was dead, or he had deserted her. He is living in Wyoming Territory. Her heart is in Tennessee. They…

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The Truth About Lily

Seth Matthews seems to be having difficulty with women in the community of Washington, Georgia. He welcomes his trip to Savannah once he learns that an old friend has included him as a beneficiary in his will. He is delighted with the first gift, but the second is totally unexpected and unwanted. Lily…

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Fearful Hearts

Duncan McBride is seeking a wife, and he thinks he may have found her in Susannah Brian. But why is he hesitating to declare his intentions? And what is it that new resident of Wilkes county, Molly Wilson Ferguson, is hiding? Why has she become such a distraction?

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The Reluctant Wife

Jacob Stuart and his friends are veterans of the American Revolution, rebuilding their lives in Wilkes County, the area in Georgia where the fighting was so vicious that it was called The Hornet’s Nest. Now Jacob is facing a task more daunting than fighting for freedom. He must inform his late friend’s…

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