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Claire SpencerChristensen

Author Bio:

Claire spent some years in teaching before participating in school chaplaincy programs, later moving into social work undertaking some 'frontline' positions within the public service. 'I've been a prolific reader from a young age and loved writing stories as well as reading them, so in my twenties, when a clairvoyant told me I would 'write' in my latter years' I was enthralled and excited at the prospect of doing that. Little did I know that when the time came, those books would not be of a secular humanist nature but the contemporary Christian fiction I write today.'
'More Than Sparrows' is Claire's debut novel, the first of three in the series 'White unto Harvest.' The characters and contemporary realism of her novels explores the role an individual believer can have on a family and a community at any given time.
Claire is married to Trevor and they have five grown children. She currently lives in Australia and lists spending time with family, photography, bushwalking, bird-watching, reading and visiting art galleries as some of her favorite pastimes.

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