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Jean Rezab

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Jean Rezab writes Christian fiction and clean fiction about individuals overcoming tremendous odds. She writes from her home in North Dakota, where the rooms are filled with mystery books and historical romances.

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Chokecherry Valley Faith

Alex is returning home after a few years in jail for embezzlement. His mentor has cancer, and the residents blame Alex for causing the street that made the cancer return. Alex and his wife will have to deal with the consequences, along with repairing their marriage.

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Chokecherry Valley Love

Ashley Richmond’s goal to become a psychologist becomes derailed by sudden doubts. She questions what direction her new career track should take. In her personal life, her brothers have become strangers, but she’s ready to try to forgive past mistakes and reconnect. While trying to decide on her…

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Chokecherry Valley Joy

Abby feels like everything is wrong with her life. She’s never dealt with the grief of losing her twin sister, Samantha, and niece, Amy, in an accident. Her marriage to Mark has fallen into the routine of his long hours of work and her erratic schedule as a nurse in a busy Houston hospital. Their…

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Chokecherry Valley Comfort

One accident. Two devastated families. Paul Richmond's life changed in an instant when his wife and seven-year-old daughter die in a car accident. He struggles to move forward with this huge change. As his two-year sobriety anniversary approaches, he knows he's on the edge of a relapse. He takes a sabbatical…

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The Prediction

Thea deals with the limits her father places on her when she has a vision of his death. He has never accepted her ability, and he also deals with his own depression regarding his past.

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In This Place Together

In the town of Naraah, near the region of Judea, Sapphira begins a desperate quest to find a physician to heal her beloved husband Aaron, who is near death. Living in a time when women are considered possessions, Sapphira fears her brother will force her to marry a cruel man if Aaron doesn't survive.…

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