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Ruth A. Douthitt

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Former writing teacher, R. A. Douthitt is an award-winning author of many books for middle grade readers and adults in fiction and non-fiction. She is the winner of the Moonbeam Children’s Books Award-Bronze Medal for Best Book Series and the Gateway to the Best third prize winner of the Missouri Romance Writers of America contest. Ruth is working on a Christian-themed women's inspirational fiction series, coming soon. She currently works for Grand Canyon University and lives in Phoenix with her husband Scott and their little dog. When she isn't writing, Ruth loves to run, draw, paint, and garden.

Books by Author

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Christmas Tapestry Anthology: A Collection of Short Stories

Christian Writers of the West, the southwestern division of American Christian Fiction Writers, proudly presents a collection of Christmas-themed short stories to warm your hearts throughout the season. Each writer is gifted with a unique writing style, accounting for the wide variety included in this…

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The Road to Home

Thirteen year old Molly moves with her family to a small town after the death of her mother. There she meets an abandoned dog who grieves the loss of his family, too. Together, they help each other cope. But Molly resents her father's decision to remarry. Being forced to leave behind the life she once…

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Dragon Games

Winning the Dragon Games is all that Kieron ever wanted. To win the tournament means a chance to be on the Queen's elite Dragon Riders force. But when Kieron discovers bandits abducting dragons to fight in the arena, suspicious dragon games are exposed and it's more horrifying than Kieron had ever imagined.…

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The White Wolf

Phaelen and her sister, Larken, embark on their journey to the archery tournament in Vulgaard. But before they reach the tournament, they encounter a mysterious white wolf. Little do they know that this encounter will forever change their lives. No longer fighting for first place in a tournament, the…

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The Dragon Forest

The Dragon Forest is the first in the adventure series that follows young Prince Peter who enters the Dragon Forest and unlocks family secrets and a darkness so powerful, it could destroy all that he loves. In this epic tale, Prince Peter finally learns what it means to be King. The interaction between…

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The Dragon Forest II: Son of the Oath

No one has entered The Dragon Forest and lived…except young Prince Peter. Now ready to head out to Knight Training, thirteen year old Peter will leave behind a peaceful kingdom, a proud father, and dear friends. But the mysterious Lord Bedlam remains as elusive as ever, waiting for his opportunity…

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The Dragon Forest III: The King of Illiath

With the help of the noble Elves of Vulgaard, Peter begins his journey home to rescue his kingdom from its enemies. First Peter must deal with the scars of his imprisonment, both physical and mental. The evil Lord Bedlam patiently watches Peter from afar waiting for the appropriate time to attack and…

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