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Jill Boyce

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Jill writes inspirational romantic fiction with a medical theme. Her two debut novels are part of the A Dose of Love series. Each story can stand alone and feature strong female leads facing challenging life circumstances while finding love along the way. The third book in the series, A Prescription for Beauty, recently released. Jill’s love of romance novels and her walk through the grief of losing her mother on the same day of her daughter’s birth inspired her debut novel, Harte Broken. The book raises the question, “What happens when the best day is also the worst one?”

Jill is a physician turned stay-at-home mom, who loves coffee, travel, and anything glittered. She treasures spending time with her husband and children, who are her heart and greatest joy.

Books by Author

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Royally Confused

Will this doctor trade in her stethoscope for a tiara? Isn’t it every girl’s dream to become a princess? Nope, not Claire Thomson’s. Claire, an orthopedic surgeon, enjoys the rigors of academic medicine, surgery, and research. Her dream of landing a spot at Halford College in Boston, Massachusetts,…

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A Prescription for Beauty

When past scars cannot remain hidden any longer, Marley must learn that beauty lies within. Dr. Marley Bakersfield likes her life the way it is. She enjoys black coffee, long runs, and avoiding all things baked or sugary. Plus, she has a wonderful best friend and a great job. Working for the premier…

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Perfectly Imperfect

Dr. Blaire Cunningham loves high heels and coffee and hates germs and disorder. After a great personal loss, she decides to pursue a career in medicine. However, Blaire now faces losing her job, apartment, and a relationship due to her germaphobia. Blaire decides to flee New York City to volunteer at…

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Harte Broken

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Love does. Amy Harte, an Emergency Medicine physician, lost her mother to cancer suddenly on the day of her residency graduation one year ago. As a doctor, she struggles with not being able to save her mother and experiencing her best day on her worst. Since then, she…

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