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Nancy J. Farrier

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Nancy J. Farrier grew up on a small farm in the Midwest amidst a close-knit family and a large extended family. She loved farm life including the animals, cooking, gardening and canning, but not so much the cleaning house part. A little-known fact is that she preferred to help with feeding cattle or mending fence than helping with housework.

Now, a best-selling, award winning author of historical and contemporary Christian fiction, Nancy lives in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona and loves to research and include bits of history in her books. She often incorporates her love of the Southwest into her settings as the Southwest has a rich history that lends itself to fiction, and historical characters that come to life on the page.

Books by Author

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Christmas at Whispering Pines Lodge

Kelly Madison is trying to keep her life together. The first man she ever loved broke up with her, and now she’s been forced to quit her job. She has no one and no options but to consider returning to the life she hated—being a high-priced call girl with an exclusive clientele. Before surrendering…

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Center Point

Glenna Mitchell is done. With her horrible life. With the mistakes she made. And with her lying husband. How could he say they’d been married all these years when that other woman has a marriage certificate listing him as her husband—dated before Glenna even met him. He might say it wasn’t true,…

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Cinda Bryant is done with men. They are not to be trusted, and only true to you until another pretty face catches their eye. Didn’t that happen to her mother? To her sister? To her, when the man she’d been engaged to for years did the unthinkable? So, why, does her heart skip a few beats when her…

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A Prayer Quilt Christmas

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, Meg Stratton’s ex-husband returns from overseas and swoops in to take their two boys, leaving her without them for the holidays. This is the first holiday season in seven years when Meg would have had her boys with her. She understands her drug addiction of years ago…

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Matching Points

Fresh out of prison, Asia Jessup wishes she could change her past and maybe her future. She has no family and no one to turn to. All she has is her newfound faith. She returns to the town where she spent a couple of idyllic summers to find family she didn’t know she had. Her devastating secret won’t…

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The Richest Knight

Lillian Robinson is determined to marry a man of means. She’s had enough of living in poverty and seeing her family suffer. As a Harvey Girl at the Grand Canyon, her opportunities to meet the man of her dreams should be plentiful. So, why does the lead mule skinner make her heart race every time he…

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The Ranchero's Gift

When Maya Garza’s step-father drags her to the cantina, planning to auction her off to cover his debts, she is desperate to escape. Her step-brother’s best friend, Rafael—her worst nightmare—is eager to purchase her. She sees no hope as she stands atop the table with a room full of men leering…

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The Ranchero's Love

Rosalinda knows she will never escape her past, both the choices forced on her and the mistakes she’s made. She longs to find a place to live in peace—where she can learn to mother her children and where Lucio Armenta won’t be a constant reminder of the love she can never have. She doesn’t count…

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Alta California 1830’s Yoana Armenta knows she is doomed to a miserable existence after her betrothal is broken. She will never marry. But, when her reckless behavior results in her and her tía being captured by bandoleros, Yoana fears her impulsive nature may cause irreparable disaster for both…

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The Immigrant Brides

Lofty dreams of a new and better life lured untold thousands to America between 1775 and 1906. Among those “huddled masses yearning to be free” are nine displaced individuals dumped upon American soil and trying to figure out how to pursue happiness, make a home, and secure love. Journey with them…

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