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Katie Powner

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Katie Powner is an award-winning author who lives in rural Montana...where cows still outnumber people. She loves red shoes, candy, and Jesus, and is a mom to the third power: biological, adoptive, and foster. Katie writes contemporary fiction about redemption, relationships, and finding the dirt road home.

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The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass

For the first time in his life, Pete has everything to lose. After years of drifting, fifty-year-old Pete Ryman has settled down with his potbellied pig, Pearl, in the small Montana town of Sleeping Grass--a place he never expected to see again. It's not the life he dreamed of, but there aren't many…

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Where the Blue Sky Begins

When confident and handsome Eric Larson is sent to a rural Montana town to work in the local branch of his uncle's financial company, he's determined to exceed everyone's expectations, earn a promotion, and be back in Seattle by the end of summer. Yet nothing could prepare him for the lessons this small…

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A Flicker of Light

For generations, the Jensens have raised their families in the small Montana town of Moose Creek, where gossip spreads faster than the wind. Yet some secrets need to be told. When twenty-one-year-old Bea discovers she's pregnant on the heels of her husband losing his job, she's forced to admit she needs…

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The Sowing Season

After he's forced to sell the family farm he's labored on his whole life, 63-year-old Gerrit Laninga doesn't know what to do with himself. He sacrificed everything for the land--his time, his health, his family--with nothing to show for it but bitterness, regret, and two grown children who want nothing…

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