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Joan C. Benson

Author Bio:

Joan C Benson is a freelance writer, a former reading specialist and educator, wife, mother of four adult children, and a proud grandmother to eight cherished grandchildren. She has been a contributing author to numerous magazines from children to adult content. With a long career of writing for English language learners, Joan has contributed to both student and teacher programs and has published numbers of tradebooks for students. She is an inspirational speaker, and has written devotional articles for More recently, she has completed her debut historical fiction novel, His Gift, which is set in 1929 at the onset of The Great Depression. Follow her at

Books by Author

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God's ABCs

With the playfulness of an alphabet tale, the main characters, letters A-Z, parade into the story with their unique talents and interests on display. Gender identity questions are addressed based on the truth of God's design, affirming the concept that our gender is not random, changeable by desire.…

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