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R. S. Ingermanson

Author Bio:

Randy Ingermanson wants to take you on an adventure to ancient Jerusalem. He has won two Christy awards for excellence in Christian fiction and is famous around the world for his wildly popular "Snowflake Method" of writing a novel. Randy has a PhD in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley and served on the ACFW Executive Board for more than eleven years. He lives with his exceptionally patient wife in the Pacific Northwest and serves as the loyal manservant to two surly and demanding cats.

Books by Author

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Son of Mary

Nazareth has been cruel to my mother. The village says my blood father is not the man who married my mother. They have shamed her on the matter all my life. My mother bears her shame in silence. When I was a babe in arms, some prophet said I will redeem Israel someday. I do not know how to redeem Israel.…

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