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David Harder

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David Harder has been writing for more than twenty-five years. His novels are inspiring stories about individuals who influence their world in unique ways.

David grew up in southern California and served in the US Navy during the Vietnam conflict. For eight years, he lived and worked in Germany and traveled throughout Europe. Upon returning to America, he settled in northern California and was employed by multiple Silicon Valley start-up companies. During his career in the computer industry, David traveled the world for businesses with cutting-edge technologies in computer and data-storage. As part of his career, he wrote for trade journals and created marketing materials within the computer industry.

When David entered college in 1990, he found he enjoyed writing stories. With encouragement from family and friends, he wrote short stories for fun. A graduate of San Jose College with a degree in business, he also studied at Santa Clara University towards a degree in international business.

After retiring, David focused on two passions: writing and clay art. He is a published author and uses his wheel and clay during demonstrations in churches to deliver a powerful testimony. His message visualizes how God shapes our lives for different purposes-no matter how old we are, and even if we seem to be a failure.

David is a graduate of Vineyard Institute in biblical studies and leadership. He resides in the Prescott area of Arizona with his wife and their border collie, Shiloh.

Books by Author

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Persuaded: The Story of Nicodemus

Escaped narrowly after the fall of Jerusalem . . . Pursued relentlessly by the Sanhedrin . . . Entrusted covertly with a mission more significant than he had imagined . . . From the prison colony on Patmos, the Apostle John entrusts Nicodemus with manuscripts for the Christian fellowships increasing…

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Final Grains of Sand

During life, the inevitable decree of death can occur any moment from conception to old age. Regardless of the time of its arrival, death is never uncomplicated and creates a void of vanishing memories for those remaining behind. When Jim Kreider receives the news his life will be shortened by cancer,…

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Carving Hope Out of Depression: Victory Over Darkness and a Path to Self-Love

DEPRESSION ● LONELINESS ● HOPELESSNESS ● SUICIDE Words and feelings unspoken-yet screaming in the hearts and minds of millions! Carving Hope Out of Depression-Victory Over Darkness and a Path to Self-Love is a personal account of how depression can push an individual toward suicide. Author David…

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