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Elizabeth Ann Boyles

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Elizabeth Ann Boyles writes unusual stories of adventure and romance, set in the mid-nineteenth century Japan. She gained a love for the Far East when she lived in Japan in her twenties, teaching English in several universities and leading exploratory Bible studies. Much of Elizabeth Ann's life has been spent in building relationships with her international students at a Christian university in the Dallas area.

Although Elizabeth Ann's great-great-uncle, John Greer Walsh, was the first U.S. consul to Nagasaki and her great-grandfather participated in the trading firm of Walsh, Hall & Co., she had no interest in Japan until she was given the opportunity to represent a Christian organization there. She found the Far East to be like a second home. She also met her missionary husband in Japan, and they were married in a bilingual ceremony in Tokyo.

Elizabeth Ann's writing won the ACFW Genesis award and the ACFW Virginia Crown award for historical / historical romance.

Books by Author

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Two Autumns, One Spring

In the Dragonfly Trilogy’s third story, three months of bliss dissolve into threats of ruin. Sumi Taguchi Cardiff could lose her husband, disgrace her family, and be arrested for following Jesus, her new Liege. John Cardiff, the first American consul in Nagasaki, never imagines his mother would try…

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Dragonfly Wings

In 1859, the Americans have finally cracked open Nagasaki’s centuries-old isolation. Sumi Taguchi, the daughter of a samurai, can hardly wait to investigate the outside world. But if she pursues her desires, she must disobey her family’s elder and accept the dangerous consequences. Yet what can…

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The Year of the Barbarian

Sumi Taguchi, a samurai’s daughter, eagerly anticipates the arrival of foreigners from the West, who will end Japan’s centuries-long isolation from the world. Maybe these foreigners will bring answers to life’s troublesome riddles. But to be free to meet these newcomers, she must first avoid a…

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